Thursday, May 17, 2012

Interview with Vanessa Morgan

I'd like to welcome Vanessa Morgan, author of A Good Man. You probably remember the review I did of A Good Man; which, you can find here.

How do you select your book covers and do you use the same designer for each?

I have been using the same cover designer for The Strangers Outside and A Good Man. His
name is Allan Beurms and he is definitely one of the most talented people in the industry. I have
tried other cover designers before, but they have never been so fast and so professional as Allan.
For those of you who love comic books and cats, I’m currently also developing a comic book
project with him starring my cat Avalon. You can have a look at some of the try-outs at

At what age did writing 'grab' you?

Rather late, actually. I think I must have been 23 or 24 when I started to write. I think it’s all
about confidence really. I have always loved movies and books, but it took me a while before I
realized I was able to make them myself.

What genres do you enjoy reading?

I mainly read non-fiction, biographies, romance and drama; but, when it comes to movies, I’m
definitely into horror.

How do you decide on the story line?

It always starts with a vague idea that becomes more complex and multi-layered with each new
draft. For Drowned Sorrow it was the look of the village and a lake with ghosts crawling out of
it and The Strangers Outside started with the idea that dark humanoid figures would suddenly
show up all over the planet and bring with them a sense of impending doom. The development
of A Good Man was different because I wrote it for the production company that is now making
the movie. All I knew was that it had to be about a vampire and that the vampire was going to be
played by the 50 year old actor Pierre Lekeux. I observed the actor during his daily activities and
imagined what challenges he would face if he were a vampire.

Vanessa's Bio

Screenwriter and novelist Vanessa Morgan is known as the 'female version of Stephen King'.
You can find out more about Vanessa Morgan and her work by going to her personal blog http://

Books by Vanessa Morgan

A Good Man
Do you like Dexter and American Psycho? Then chances are you will love A Good Man.

Louis Caron is a good man – he's a vegetarian, feeds homeless people, takes care of animals and
is converned with the ecological well-being of the planet. But his altruism has a sinister edge
– he's a vampire and local detective Taglioni becomes increasingly suspicious of him. Louis'
attempt to escape the police will take him on a journey into his own private hell where he is not
only forced to confront his worst fears, but where he will also destroy the lives of those he cares

The Strangers Outside
Two sisters, Jennifer and Louise, return to their remote holiday cottage after a day at the seaside.
But little do they know they're being surrounded. Soon after their arrival, the girls will come face
to face with the strangers outside. When the assailants make their intentions known, things take
a shockingly terrible turn and an intense battle for survival will begin.

Drowned Sorrow
Megan Blackwood has just lost her son in a terrible accident. Now she has come to Moonlight
Creek with her teenage daughter Jenna, hoping that a change of scenery might help to put her
life back together. But something odd is going on in Moonlight Creek. When rain falls over the
village, the inhabitants commit grisly murders, leaving the village deserted with the first rays
of sunshine. Beneath the lake's surface, an eerie presence watches... and waits... Waits to reveal
a tragic past drowned in mystery and fear. One that doesn't bode well for visitors. By the time
Megan realizes that her daughter is in danger, it might already be too late.


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